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MusicYes is a Global Company specialized in Corporate and Consumer digital music and media distribution solutions.

MusicYes is for to the professional operators such as Labels and Producers and for Indipendent Artists, too.

MusicYes offers a complete system that allows the registered users to manage every aspect of their music distribution directly from any browser and operative system.

The CMS (Content Management System) can be accessed by registering and logging into this website and allows to:

Upload and manage releases.

Choose where to distribute the releases and the territories of distribution.

Receive statistics and royalties details including their amount.

Receive the royalties payment.

The system gives you a complete access to all the tools, resources and music stores that you need to become successful in the digital music distribution.


MusicYes not only offers you distribution for your content but is specialist also in the following fields, thanks to its team of in house experts, employees of our company and that you can consult in our offices (team MusicYes):

- Revenue Management

Maximizing the plays and revenue of your content in the digital stores, and the views and the revenue of your videos into VEVO and YouTube.

- Digital Content Optimization

Mainteinance of your content into the digital music outlets, YouTube and VEVO.

- Digital platforms

Creating a catalog from your YouTube channel by preparing the media accordingly from YouTube to be migrated to another digital outlet.

- Analysis and Promotion

Analysis of your content to meet the promotion targets.

- Claims and Copyright

Claiming your content and your copyright from all the digital platforms.Clearing pirated material from download websites or illegal reuploads.

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